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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone this year! And Happy New Year next week.

I have not posted in a while and am sorry. Let me tell you why I have been out of commission for a while. Well, I have been battling some deficiencies that are just coming to light, over the past couple of months. First, I found out that I am severely deficient in Vitamin D. I was put on high doses of Vitamin D and thought all my problems I'd been living with, would subside, but that was not the case. Although some things did get better, not everything did and I was confused. I couldn't understand why I continued to feel bad; low energy, couldn't think straight, vision problems, and always cold and numb extremities. I was baffled, but then I found out that my doctor didn't test any other vitamins in me...I don't understand why, but my B12 was never checked, iron, just no other vitamins got checked. I had to call her and tell her I was still not feeling good, and could we check other vitamins. She agreed, so I went back in and had a whole slew of vitamins checked; including my B12 and iron and just all kinds of things. When I got the results back, turns out that I am severely anemic! I don't even know "how" I got so anemic, but I am, and that explained this horrible fatigue I've been lving with, and the cold/numbness I've been getting in my extremities. I just could not figure out why my arms and hands and even my face etc, were getting so cold and numb all the time. I could not get the chill out of my bones and shake this tired feeling. Well, now I know why!

Iron deficiencies cause all kinds of problems and especially the ones I mentioned; especially when the deficiency is significant, which mine is. So I was started on Iron supplements right away and have now been on them about a week and a half. I cannot say that there has been any huge, significant improvements yet, but rather, very small improvements. I have heard it can take a while to feel better, because it can take a while to get your levels back up to normal. Your memory and thinking abilities can be altered, which mine have been, and the longer I've been deficient, the worse my thinking and reasoning abilities have been getting.

I cannot wait until the levels get back to normal, and a lot of these low level symptoms, fade away! I have been feeling so horrible and living with such horrific symptoms that it is hard to imagine not having them anymore. I don't even remember what it's like to live, feeling normal, anymore....well, as normal as I can possibly feel with my brain issues. But it was so long ago that I didn't have all these added problems. For the past, probably about 2 - 2 1/2 years, I have been going slowly, but continually downhill. One thing after another developing, and just getting worse and worse. So it is a relief to know that over time, in probably a month or so, I should be doing and feeling better!

I wish I knew what caused my vitamins to get so low. That is the one thing we are not really sure of, so that worries me. But I will be on top of it; I can guarantee that! I will be more aware of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency-related symptoms, so that, should there ever be another deficiency, it won't take me so long to figure it out and get it rectified. And I won't ever let any of them get down to the point these two; D and Iron, have gotten.

Well, I am hoping and wishing all of my followers, and their families a happy, and HEALTHY New Year! I pray that everyone is doing good, and will continue to do well through this new year. I am also planning on being able to post more, and some good, informative information, too. As I feel better, I will be able to write more. My writing will pick back up; both for my freelance business, and my blog.

Take care everyone. Enjoy the holiday season, your families, and God Bless!

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