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Friday, October 11, 2013

Fighting Pain With a Tens Unit

So many people deal with pain on a regular, even daily basis. Pain can attack on so many levels. For some people, it can even leave them unable to function. It can be debilitating. Many people are either unable to manage their pain; or can’t manage it well, taking lots of medications, and many times with little, to no relief. Medications can also cause other problems; such as, side effects, bad reactions, interactions with other medications, even overdose.

Although pain is necessary; being that it is our body’s way of letting us know that something is wrong, it can also go too far. It can escalate, and it can seem unrelenting. Trying to control it can be an unending cycle of failed attempts to get it under control. But there is another solution. A TENS Unit. A TENS Unit is a subcutaneous nerve stimulator.

What does a Tens Unit do?
A Tens Unit uses gentle electrical current that finds its way to the underlying nerves and muscle groups by traveling under the skin to them. This electric current comes from electrodes that are applied to the skin. You control the intensity level by adjusting it as you need to.

A TENS unit is not meant to cure any problem or condition that brings on pain, but rather help you control the pain. The TENS Unit works by placing electrodes to the skin. You control the level of pulses by the control pack that is attached to wires, and the wires to the leads. You can adjust the level of therapeutic effects.

Who does the Tens Unit Help?
As well as the Tens Unit works for many people, it doesn’t work or help everyone. Some may not notice a difference in their pain, while others get a great response, getting a lot of relief. The Tens Unit also does not work on or cure any physiological or psychological conditions. It is meant to help with the pain, but not cure the cause of the pain. It is designed to interrupt the pain route and modify your pain perception. It can help you get back to a more normal routine and live a more normal, pain-free or pain-reduced life.

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