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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dizzy, dizzy, dizzy

Something strange has been happening for a while. I would say about the past 8 months, off and on, I have been having a very strange and un-nerving symptom. It is something that only happens at night; when I sleep...and only when I sleep on my back or my left side.

Like a car, I am always having a symptom that makes me stop, look and listen (listen to my body) to try and decipher what it was I just felt or heard or whatever. I get strange feelings and symptoms often. It has become a regular part of my life to stop and analyze what it was that I just felt, and "why" I may have just felt it. It can be frightening and annoying in the same aspect.

Several months ago, this odd problem began. It tall began one evening, late around 11:00. I was sitting at my computer and in pure exhaustion, had dozed off....sitting upright. I awoke to a strange feeling like my brain was twisting into a knot; starting at the bottom of the brain and working its way up. Once the twisting reached the top of the brain, an incredible dizziness came over me, spinning me as if I were in the teacups at Disney. It was frightening. I became extremely dizzy and weak, hardly able to lift an arm. Walking was almost out of the question....I stumbled and fell into the wall, trying to get upstairs to bed. My head was shaking uncontrollably like I had Parkinson's or something. I almost dialed 911.

When I finally made it to bed, most of the harnest symptoms subsiding, I finally dozed off with thoughts of "what the hell was that?" in my head. Later that evening, another episode happened, almost identical to the first. This went on for a few nights; but never during the day. Only when I slept, and would soon realize, only when I laid on ly left side or back....never my right side. So I avoided those positions.

Eventually, after about a week of this happening, the odd-nighttime symptoms subsided. I thought they were gone for good and chalked them up to being overtired or something. But they would return and I didn't know why. This has gone on throughout the the year, periodically returning for whatever unknown reason. I do not have any idea, or thoughts on why this happens, what initiates these episodes, or what makes them subside, when they finally do.

I thought they were nocturnal seizures. The dizziness, the shaking, the weakness and numbness. I suppose they could be and need to have this looked into because they are still a matter-of-fact, they are going on now....last night and the night before. I am anxious, as always, for them to pass. And until I have them looked at, I will have to go through my regular routine of bolting upright, grabbing my head to stop the spinning and hanging over the sink or toilet just waiting to be sick.

The joys of neurological problems.

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  1. Wow. You just described the same type of spells that I have. Usually upon standing I get really dizzy and light-headed and have to hold on to the walls to avoid falling, spotty vision, start shaking, tingling and numbness in my arms and legs, and ringing in the ears. Usually when this happens I can get to a bathroom and throw up and then lay down and wait for my heart to stop racing out of control. The one time I couldn't, my symptoms developed into a seizure. My doctor maintains the belief that my symptoms and arachnoid cyst are unrelated and that it would be in my best interest to forget I even have a cyst. His words. This peeves me off to no end. I feel like he is belittling my symptoms and concerns. I pushed to get another mri this year in november to see if its grown at all. I guess we will go from there. :/