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Monday, September 9, 2013

Shunt Pressure Just Turned Back Up!

Like a yo-yo, I have been down and now back up. The end of last week, I went back to Duke to get my pressure turned back up to 150. Although I have noticed a few positive things come of my adjustment back up, there just has not been a lot. There is still a little can take several days to adjust, so am hopeful and keeping my fingers crossed that this works. I am weary of the shunt problem issues again. I am having to look into a possible surgery, either a cyst fenestration (open my cyst back up) or the Chiari surgery, or both. Sending my MRI's off to the appropriate doctors to look at. Am a bit nervous and apprehensive about any surgery that may need to be done. I will post again to give an update on what the final word is on whether or not I need 1,2 or no surgeries. The Chiari Institute may come back saying that they cannot operate on my Chiari due to my brain sagging. Can be dangerous and that is why my dr. at Duke won't operate. He told me to look into the Chiari Institute, so we shall see. Fingers crossed....I don't even know what I want them crossed for, yet, but just cross them! : ))

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