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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

When Life Gets Me Down

What do you do when life gets you down? On those days where you feel low, down, depressed, whatever your feelings are that are "not" cheery, happy or do you get out of it? How do you get yourself to feel better and turn those feelings of dread, into happy feelings, or even just, dealable feelings?

I have a few reasons for getting like this - and I do get "down" or have days where I feel; low, blue, and even flat-out depressed. One of the most important reasons is that my brain operates differently than it used to. It, many times these days, can't differentiate between emotions, or feelings, and it can't handle a little bad news or stress. Stress is one surefire way of getting me to spiral down and feel anxious and depressed. My brain doesn't take things in stride, like it used to. The slightest bit of stress or bad news these days, and I can get into a funk or depression, much easier than I ever used to. It's as if my filter has been broken. My brain no longer has the ability to filter emotions and keep things in perspective. It reels out of control and goes into a type of, "shut-down" mode.

Once this pattern became a ritual, I knew I had to get a grip! I had to be able to control my emotions and my feelings. If I didn't, I was doomed to be in a state of depression that was surely destined to spiral out of control. I was setting myself up for my emotions to become a runaway train. I had to learn to deal with these emotions; and quickly, because before I knew it, it seemed I was having to deal with these emotions more often, and in closer intervals than ever before.

One of the biggest reasons these emotions were coming on so often was due to the excess fluid on the brain. Also, after 13 years of a tumultuous marriage, it was coming to an end, and despite it being a difficult marriage, I viewed it as, at least there was someone there for me on a regular/daily basis. Now, I was going to be alone, with my health issues and with my boys, and that frightened me. Despite the reasons for the downward spiral, I was headed down, and didn't want to stay down. I didn't want the grips of depression to get me and hold me. And I knew I couldn't take any medication to help me, since I don't do well on medications. I had to find other, natural ways of dealing with depression/the blues.

Exercise has always given me a boost of confidence.  It is a natural high for me and for most people. So I try to get regular exercise. Another thing that helps is; cutting sugar out of my life. Sugar not only makes you gain weight, which is a depressant alone. But it plays a role in how your brain works and puts up barriers in your brain to get the good endorphins to your brain.

Being aware of your body; what makes you depressed, and the things that help, is a good start.  Pay attention to cycles of depression and what helped you get out of a depressed cycle. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to help yourself.

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