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Saturday, March 2, 2013

One of Those Weeks!

It was going to be one of those weeks.  I knew it from the moment my computer got a bad virus and I couldn't find my computer people to help me. They were out of town. I had to take it to Staples which charges a lot more to remove a virus, but with little choice, there went a lot of money I didn't really have.

The next morning I had to drive across town to have State Farm look at some damage on my vehicle, from being in a fender bender the month before. After leaving State Farm, I was headed down the freeway - home, when I noticed my car was no longer running. It had just shut off and I had no power. I could hardly move the steering wheel, and my brakes were hard to push. But I made it over to the side of the highway. It was then, as I started digging around my purse, that I realized my cell phone was at home, on the counter, charging.

I had my standard poodle, Murphy with me, so there was no walking to the exit, which was really too far for me to walk to anyways. So I got out and put my hood up to signify that I was having trouble, but still; car after car, truck after truck, whizzed by me without stopping. That was hard enough to watch, but when a police car went by and didn't stop, that really hurt!  I was shocked! Disappointed and shocked.

Over an hour I sat there before finally, a pick-up truck pulled over.  I was nervous, but knew I needed help and an older, scruffy looking man got out and came to my window to check on me. I cracked my window to talk to him. He sensed my nervousness and explained that that was his job, to drive up and down the highway looking for motorists he could help, that were in trouble.  I felt better and rolled my window the rest of the way down. 

He tooled around under my hood, added some gas to my tank (just in case), but it wouldn't crank. I used his phone to call AAA, and was told it would be about 45 min. So there Murphy and I sat, for not just 45 more minutes, but over an hour. AAA finally came and hoisted my van up on their truck bed, and off to the garage we went. My fuel pump had gone, I was told. It would be $900.00 to fix it, plus the cost of a rental. Feeling defeated, and with no other option, I told them to go ahead and fix it.

It was a long day that day and I couldn't help but wonder what was in store next. I had always heard these types of things come in three's, and so, I was going to keep my eyes peeled for number 3 of my bad luck streak! And then, there it was - the day after I got my car back, that very next morning, my "number three" came.

It was dark outside. I had woken up early and decided to get a little writing done, but needed to let Murphy out and put the garbage out on the back deck. Everything looked normal, and without thinking about it, I stepped out onto the deck to set the bag there. Without warning, my right foot started sliding out in front of me and suddenly I was down. I was on the ground with the appearance that I was trying to do the splits. My knee hurt, my toe was killing me, and I could hardly get up.

I knew within minutes of getting inside that I'd broken my big toe on my right foot. I've broken enough toes over the years, that it's an all-too-familiar pain, and if that wasn't enough to tell me, then the foot and toe bruising-up, and swelling to the point where I couldn't put on a shoe, was.

I have been in pain for a couple weeks now, though it's lessening, but it still hurts. Especially if I try to wear certain shoes. But most of all, my faith took a bruising. I kept finding myself asking, "Why?" "Why me?" And when I'd think about it long enough, I would find the answer - "Why not me?" Just because I've been through all I've been through in my lifetime, doesn't mean I'm exempt from having "life" happen to, and around me. I am just as susceptible to having bad things happen to me as anyone. And they sure did that week.

It took many days to get past that week and actually, I'm still trying to get past that week. I still don't feel up to par after the exhausting week I had. That's how it is, too, when stressful things happen to me, it can take a very long time to recoup from them. I don't bounce back as quickly as I used to.

Well, I did survive my week of horror, and I can't help but think that I am glad the saying goes, that things like that tend to come in 3's, and not 4's, because I'm not so sure I could have handled another crisis! I was barely able to handle the 3 things that did happen that week- as it is!

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