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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

As this year comes to an end, I hope that all of you had a very Merry Christmas, and will have a Happy New Year!  Any big plans?

My Christmas was low-keyed with just me and my boys.  My ex-husband got the boys for the second half of Christmas today, and they are spending the night with him.  I hated giving them up for any part of Christmas; however, I was so beat at the end of today, that a night to myself was kind of welcomed.  I just don't have the energy I used to.  My Chiari and especially my brain sagging, sap the energy out of me.  I feel as if I am running in 1st gear all of the time.  I can never get up enough speed to get me really going, and if I do get some energy, by small chance, it never lasts. Not long anyways.

But all-in-all, Christmas was nice.  It was low-keyed and it was spent with my boys and that's all that matters to me.  Did I feel real well today for Christmas?  The answer is no.  I was worried because this morning started off with me feeling pretty lousy.  My head hurt - it felt strange, and when my head feels the way it did this morning, it affects every part of my body.  I feel like every group of my body's organs is working on its own schedule, on its own time, and they all have a mind of their own.  I will feel strange and and not myself at all.  Well, not my old self, anyways.

These strange feelings I experience may subside, or they may stick around all day -- leaving me to struggle through my day, and struggle to get done, what I need to get done.  I worried about that this morning, with having so much to do to get ready for Christmas with the boys, and it wasn't until after noon, that some of the symptoms lessened.  But at least they did lessen and I was able to get Christmas presents opened, dinner completed, and we had a nice day; all-in-all.

So, for small miracles, I am thankful.  Every day I try to find one thing I am thankful for, and today, I was thankful that I made it through Christmas day.  I was able to give my boys a fairly good Christmas with no major incident.  But I am going to be honest here, as much as I love the season, I have to say.....I am glad it is over!  All the preparation it requires; shopping, cooking, decorating, etc.  So, another year down, and now -- I am looking forward to next year.  I think it will be a better year.  I am counting on it.  And for all of you -- my followers, I pray that you too, will have a wonderful year this coming year.  I pray it will be full of promising things and above all -- good health!

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