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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Making My Story, "It's all in Your Head," Into a Movie

I have put a lot of thought into wanting a movie made about my story; especially because there is already a book written about it, "It's all in Your Head."  I think that a movie made after my book would be wonderful, and it would reach so many more people than my book probably ever would.  I think a movie is an excellent way to get my story out there in a real life version so that people could "see" what I went through, as compared to reading about it.  I am hoping one day, that will be a reality.

When I sit there and think about a movie, I do think of things like; who would play me, my ex-husband, and my doctors.  For me, I'd like either Michelle Pfeiffer or someone like her, to play me.  I sometimes envision Keanu Reeves playing my ex-husband, and I am not sure who I would want to play my doctors.  Probably William Hurt to play my surgeon, but the neurosurgeon who followed me after my shunt and who allowed it to overdrain, I am not sure.  It would have to be someone who could portray his mannerisms just so - his rudeness, cockiness, non-emotional and non-sympathetic personality traits.

If my story were a movie, it would follow me from being diagnosed with my rare brain cyst, through surgery and how everything turned downward for me and I developed my Chiari and brain sagging.  It would follow me in trying to get medical treatment and being turned down and having to beg for help and medical treatment.  There is so much to my story that a lot would have to be cut-out to make it a two hour movie....but it could definitely be done and I think, should be done.  Especially because a book has already been written about what I went through and is out now; "It's all in Your Head."  I would want to hit the important, key points that made my story, well....a story.

The message I would want to convey to people watching my movie is that these brain cysts are real.  Chiari - it is real, and all the symptoms that go along with these conditions, are very real.  I want to convey to people that Chiari is a serious brain issue and that people living with this condition are strong people to have to contend with all they contend with on a day-to-day basis.  I would want to convey to people and doctors alike that these brain conditions are serious and they deserve the utmost care.

I have never seen a movie on such a medical condition and it would be great to see a movie made about what people with such rare brain problems live with. That way, people and doctors alike, could see what people with these conditions go through, live with, and in the end, hopefully understand them better.

Movies are something people can relate to even more-so than books because they can see how the story plays out, which helps them really relate to the people.  I am working on having a movie made, and maybe one day, it will happen.  And...maybe more people will see and understand more of what Chiari Malformations are, as well as brain cysts.  That is my hope and my prayer.

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  1. I started your book tonight; it is way past midnight, and i finished it. I am in awe; i was i shock and horror and bathed in empathy. what a story. What courage you have. i put a note on FB, on Tate publishing, i think, and I will proclaim it. i'm at (sorrygnat MNINB); you are a noble, incredible lady!