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Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Book! "It's all in Your Head!"

Great news!  My book, titled, "It's all in Your Head," is due out this year!  This is my story of what I went through with my arachnoid cyst.  In this book you will follow my journey of what I lived through in trying to get medical attention for my brain cyst.  You'll read about the ups and downs of my journey to get treatment, the treatment I received, and the obstacles I had to overcome to regain my health and life.

My goals in writing this book, were to not only tell my story, but to encourage others who are going through similar situations; to never give up.

I will keep my readers updated on its release.  As of now, it is set to be out for presales in the late summer and on the shelves in the early fall, 2011.  So if you, or someone you know is dealing with any medical condition; whether it be a brain cyst or other condition, I hope that my story will help others and encourage them to never give up!

I am going to try to make the book available to order through my site.  I will also keep you updated on that as well.


  1. Looking forward to reading your book. I came across your site the other night, because I have been having some alarming symptoms flair up, at this time I do not have a regular neurologist or neurosurgeon (I had my brain surgery in 87, I have the type that can grow,I am supposed to keep an eye on it, go in for a scan or mri if more symptoms flair up)--anyway went to a local emergency room Sunday, waited a couple of hours,thinking I would get a catscan at least to check on the size and they did nothing--he sent me home and told me take some tylenol! my discharge papers said I was there for a general headache, no underlying cause--I never even mentioned a headache to him, I described pressure, tightness and some visual problems! I was so humiliated! I have been having mild problems since 2004 and no one cares, it seems they are getting worse. I am glad I found you guys, I don't feel so alone!

  2. Could you tell me what Dr. you found to help you?

  3. Also; is your book available yet and how do I buy it?