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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Is my pressure back?

I never know what is what when it comes to my symptoms. That is what is so unnerving about being me. Like a car with a million problems, I am always having to check myself, "what was that I just felt," and "why did that just happen?" I have to do a quick run down of problems and symptom check daily. Many times I can figure it out, but not always. Like a problem that has developed this past year.

Several months ago I was sitting at my computer, late at night, and dozed off. What woke me was that I was getting a terrible twisting feeling in my brain, as if it were being wrung out like a rag, and then a horrible dizziness spread throughout my brain....a wicked dizziness that made me nauseas. I was confused, disoriented, and terrible weak and off balance. I tried to climb down from my tall kitchen chair and make my way upstairs to lie down. The symptoms lasted for at least half an hour, but finally subsided. It was frightening and unnerving. I couldn't figure that one out, no matter how hard I tried to think about what it could be. It would be the only time that happened for a few weeks - an isolated incident. Then, like I said, a few weeks later, there it was again....waking me up while I slept, the brain twisting, dizziness and nausea that ended with extreme weakness. I had no idea what this was, what was causing it, or how long it would last.

For months now, every now and again I get this. I also, over time, discovered that this happened primarily when I lied on my left side, so now, I have to sleep on my right side to ward these weird symptoms off. I have not had this newest development checked out yet by my doctor. When it doesn't happen for a while, I tend to put it out of my head...then, out of the blue, there it will be again.

I hope it isn't anything serious. My mother, a used-to-be-nurse, has mentioned nocturnal seizures. God, I hope not. I will keep a close watch on this for a while, and make notes of when it happens, and anything else I can think of to note to see if over time, I can find any common grounds as to what causes one episode and then another.

My car is obviously not in as good of shape as it was when I was younger. I have run out of warranties and now, I have to keep a close watch to make sure a major system doesn't go into failure.

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