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Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi Everyone,

My name is Maria and I am a fellow arachnoid cyst survivor! I have created this blog to gather with my arachnoid cyst friends, lend support, and offer information about these rare brain anomalies.

This site will be a place to get together and learn and gain strength to get through and deal with whatever challenges you are faced with when living with a rare brain condition, namely arachnoid cysts!

I hope to see you on here regularly and get to know you.


I may accept ads and payments for ads on my blog.


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  1. My 14yr old son was diagnosed on Thursday with an Arachnoid cyst. I was not able to attend the appointment with him and his father so I have several un answered questions. Tomorrow we will see a Pediatric Neorologist to get some answers. I however am very impatient when it comes to the safety, health and well being of my children. In many of the articles I have read in my search it suggests that these cysts may cause developmental delays. Is this true, and if so does treatment cure or partially remidy the delay?